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Advocacy doesn't have to be adversarial. Special Education Advocates can work behind the scenes.

Updated: Jan 1

The best advocates don’t need to be out front. They empower families and understand the delicate balance and nuances of working within a school system. In many situations, we work behind the scenes to provide you with information, education, and support in planning meetings and interactions with your school team. We empower you to be the forward-facing advocate for your child.

At Sage EAC, we work to maintain a productive, student-centered relationship between families and schools. Our focus is on protecting and affirming your student’s rights. We acknowledge the hesitation some have experienced in using a special education advocate, a concern about rocking the boat, or worry that your child will be treated differently if you question what the school is doing or the financial investment. In many situations, the use of an advocate does not have to be disclosed.

Advocacy doesn’t have to be adversarial. Our advocacy is an investment in intentional planning for your child’s future. We will ensure your voice is heard, your child’s needs are at the forefront of every conversation or decision, and that you are in control of your child’s future.  



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