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Services & Supports

Direct Advocacy & Consulting

  • Attend IEP, 504, or IFSP meetings virtually or in-person

  • Mediation and negotiation

  • Consulting on learning loss, executive functioning, and trauma-informed care.

  • Personalized advocacy based on student need

  • Helping guardians understand policy & practice of districts

  • Providing advocacy around the intersection of special education, Section 504 and student discipline

Document Review

Parent Empowerment

  • Parent clinics on pertinent topics including IDEA, the IEP, and 504 processes

  • 1-on-1 coaching in evidence-based practices

  • Expert consultation and recommendations on inclusive practices

  • Guidance on accessing services through outside agencies

  • Executive functioning coaching

  • Summer boot-camps

  • Transition grade planning

  • Personalized tutoring and coaching

Direct Student Support

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